Embodying the spirit
of skillfulness,
we join hands with businesses
to progress and thrive together.

From equipment installation, modification, import-export customs declaration to domestic and international shipping management,
Keeyang provides the most comprehensive logistics integration services for the high-tech industry.

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High-Tech Equipment Integration Service

We offer comprehensive services for the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of semiconductor, optoelectronic, and battery energy equipment. With diverse vertical integration capabilities, we provide the most comprehensive services to the high-tech industry.

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Cleanroom Rental Service

Keeyang's cleanroom facility covers an area of 1000 pings (approximately 3,305 square meters) and is equipped with large overhead cranes, receiving inspection rooms, and shared office spaces. It offers practicality and functionality in one comprehensive package.

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Logistics and Transportation Services

From packaging to container handling, import-export customs clearance, sea and land transportation, equipment installation, and even temporary storage and shipping management, Keeyang offers a wide range of domestic and international logistics services that meet your expectations.

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Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Panel

We offer LCD equipment disassembly, relocation, refurbishment, and warranty maintenance services, catering to the equipment needs of the LCD manufacturing process.

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Living by 'Safety, Discipline,
Approach, and Service'
We offer top-quality service.


The pronunciation of 'Keeyang' in Japanese is the same as the word 'Kiyo' in Japanese, which conveys the meaning of skillfulness and craftsmanship.
For nearly 30 years, Keeyang has embraced the spirit of skillfulness to accomplish every task entrusted by our customers. We continuously pursue advancements in technical capabilities while prioritizing safety, integrating concepts such as "caution" and "confirmation" into every work site.


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Diverse Logistics Integration
Expand your business footprint to the world.


Keeyang began by handling contracts from multiple Japanese companies, gaining rich market experience. We offer comprehensive professional services and actively establish overseas bases. Since 2010, we expanded to Mainland China and will continue striving for international and diverse logistics services.


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